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About MacDEM

MacDEM is an application for the Mac OS to view, edit, and convert digital elevation model (DEM) data files.

This User's Guide describes MacDEM version 1.10.

MacDEM and this User's Guide are
Copyright ©1998-2006 by Jerry Farm.
Commercial distribution is prohibited without written permission.
MacDEM is provided "as is" with no warranty or other guarantee of fitness for any purpose.

MacDEM is shareware. That means that you can try it free, but if you want to keep using it you must pay the shareware fee. The exception is that students of accredited educational institutions may use MacDEM free of charge for course-related work.

You can pay the shareware fee via the MacDEM web site:

Here you will also find updates to MacDEM, links to sources of DEM files, and an e-mail address to send comments, questions, and bug reports.