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Using MacDEM, you can:

  • Import DEM files in these formats:
    • USGS ASCII DEM ("native")
    • SDTS DEM (including new format and BFP32 decimal meters)
    • NED (National Elevation Dataset) GridFloat and BIL
    • DTED Level 0, 1, and 2
    • GLOBE
    • GTOPO30
    • TerrainBase
    • Arc-ASCII-GRID
    • PGM
    • SRTM - Shuttle Radar Topography Mission
    • Raw data (Binary and ASCII)
  • Export 16-bit elevation data to:
    • Photoshop
    • PGM files, for Bryce import (preserves more detail than 8-bit gray scale format)
    • POV-Ray
    • binary files
  • Merge DEMs into a single DEM file.
  • Display DEMs in shaded relief
    • User-definable lighting
    • User-definable color palettes
      (hypsographic coloring)
    • Variable zoom (horizontal scale)
    • Variable vertical exaggeration
  • Make contour maps.
  • Crop DEM files.
  • Resample DEM files to different resolutions.
  • Edit DEM elevations.
  • Use filters to fill gaps and smooth DEM data.
  • Export shaded relief images to PICT, TARGA, and TIFF files.
  • Create World Files (.tfw)

Created: 1998.10.24
Updated: 2003.01.16