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MacDEM is Copyright ©1998-2006 by Jerry Farm.
Commercial distribution is prohibited without written permission. MacDEM is provided "as is" with no warranty or other guarantee of fitness for any purpose.

System Requirements:

  • Mac OS System 7 through System 9
  • Power PC
  • 4 MB available RAM

Mac OS X: MacDEM will not run on Intel Macs nor on Mac OS X 10.5 and later.
To run MacDEM in Mac OS X you need to have version 10.4 or earlier running on a PowerPC Mac, and have the "Classic" environment installed.

MacDEM is shareware. That means that you can try it free, but if you want to keep using MacDEM you must pay for it. The exception is that students of accredited educational institutions may use MacDEM free of charge for course-related work.

Please register and pay the shareware fee.

Download MacDEM version 1.10 and User's Guide. (~540K)

Download a sample MacDEM file (~160K).
(MacDEM is required to view this file)

Summary of changes in version 1.10

  • Improved USGS DEM exporter to conform to specification. The old version of the exporter is still available under the File menu as "USGS ASCII chop" in case it is needed for compatability with old software.
  • Fixed error reading and writing datum information.
  • Updated Arc importers to allow DOS, Unix, and Mac line endings in text files. Also allow GridFloat file names to end in .bin in addition to .flt

Summary of changes in version 1.00

  • MacDEM is now shareware and the expiration date has been removed. Functionally it is equivalent to Beta-0.98.

Created: 1998-10-24
Updated: 2011-12-21